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The Tech Stop make getting your device repaired, simple!


If your device breaks, don't panic. We offer a huge range of repairs services for all types of devices; PC, Laptop, Consoles, Smartphones & Apple Macs.


Give us a call or drop in-store at any time to get booked in. We even offer secure postage repairs for all devices. Have a chat with our staff for details of arranging postage repairs.


Our highly trained technicians will assess your device and provide a quote for your approval before carrying out any work.


Once you have agreed the price with our team, we can proceed providing a top quality repair in the swiftest timeframe possible.


Screen Replacements

With the increase of portable devices, screens get damaged quite often. The Tech Stop repairs many types of mobile phone screens at reasonable prices, we also repair a range of console screens, laptop screens and more…

Custom Build PCs

The era of PC gaming has been revived, for many years before the arrival of the console, the PC was the only gaming rig available. These wonderful devices took a back seat due to the convenience of the console gaming, thankfully however, PC gaming has risen to the forefront. Don’t take a chance at buying a mediocre rig, let our technicians custom build your gaming PC to the best available spec for your budget!

Software Problems

All software’s are prone to corruption at some stage in their lifespan, Windows 10 for example is in the news for failed windows updates quite often. Our technicians can out software repairs services on any device such as iMac software, MacBook software even smartphone software repairs…

Faulty Hard Drive

Hard drives come in many modern devices, given the mechanical nature of a hard drive, these have a tendency to fail at any stage. Our specialist equipment allows us to properly diagnose a faulty hard drive and provide hard drive replacements for any device including PC hard drives, laptop hard drives, console hard drives and more….

Disc Read Issues

My console isn’t reading disc is one of the most common faults we hear, there are many causes for disc not being read in console but we have seen them all, if you PlayStation isn’t reading discs or your Xbox won’t play your games we likely have a repair service to fix your issues…

Battery Replacements

As our mobile devices get used more frequently the life span of a mobile device battery gets shorter with every charge cycle. We can provide many types of battery replacements for many different types of device including, phone batteries, console batteries, laptop batteries and more…

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About Us

The Tech Stop

The Tech Stop is a family-run repair business, repairing a wide range of devices with high degrees of quality control and reasonable costs. The company has been trading for over 18 years in total and we have provided our services to a large base, of both residential and commercial customers all over Northern Ireland.

From our open plan workshop, we provide repairs with complete public visibility. We have modeled our workshop in this manner to show our customer that we have nothing to hide when it comes to quality, our customers are welcome to view our working practices and professional equipment, carrying out top quality repairs.

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We aim to turn all repairs around as quickly as possible, we keep a consistent stock of phone repair components in order to provide 1-2 hour turnarounds where possible, this isn’t always possible with other devices but we always do our best to accommodate swift repairs times.
When a device suffers any form of damage, it is best to have the device assessed by a professional, un-checked damage to a device can lead to further internal damage if the device is left unrepaired. If you would like to book the device in with ourselves, we can offer repair no obligation quotations based on a physical assessment of the device.
At The Tech Stop we carry out a range of screen replacement for many devices, these include laptop screens, console screens, iPhone screens and more. In order to provide an accurate price, our engineers would need to assess the device for damage and relative part numbers.
Our technicians are trained in the repair of most consoles on the market, some repairs aren't achievable due to part limitations, but for the most part we can provide repairs for any make and model of console.
The Tech Stop can tailor a unique PC build to whatever spec you need, whether its an entry-level gamer or a top grade mean machine, our knowledgeable staff can advise you on the best build for your budget. All our Custom Build PCs are fully upgradable and carry a 12-month warranty.
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