Our Team

The Tech Stop is family run repair business, repairing a wide range of devices with high degrees of quality control and reasonable costs. The company has been trading for over 18 years in total and we have provided our services to a large base, of both residential and commercial customers all over Northern Ireland.

From our open plan workshop, we provide repairs with complete public visibility. We have modelled out workshop in this manor to show our customer that we have nothing to hide when it comes to quality, our customers are welcome to view our working practices and professional equipment, carrying out top quality repairs.

Our staff are all trained with honesty at the forefront of all we do, from the moment you are booked in at our store, you are kept up to date with honest advice and customer centric pricing. We don’t force repair work on anyone, we assess the device and provide a no obligation quote for the repair and an honest opinion of viability, the decision of whether to repair or not is yours to make.

Our team of staff is made up of nerds with varied knowledge in the industry, between us we can offer professional and sound advice or pretty much any aspect of IT and device repair, we always welcome customers to pop in for any advice on anything we can help with….

Picture of Steve Comerford
Head Nerd

Steve Comerford

Steve is our company owner and lead consultant. His free time consists of working harder than he does when he's in the office. Often seen with a blank expression on his face, as he formulates business improvement plans for our clients, he is best left alone when he has Do not Disturb mode is switched on!

Picture of Luke McClelland
Helpdesk Nerd

Luke McClelland

Luke is our very own top-shelf nerd, often found talking to himself in code, his favourite saying “Conquer it with code!” We tend to keep him out the back due to his inability to stop talking, he sometimes struggles to pick up on a clients glazed over look as he barates them with his extensively boring knowledge!

Picture of Rob Cijunelis
Workshop Nerd

Rob Cijunelis

Rob is our in house hardware tech and spends his day looking after our workshop. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge and skilled pair of hands, there isn't a fault out there he can't resolve. His free time consists of chilling by the river with his fishing rod and inundating the rest of the team with pics of his catches!

Picture of Gemma Clarke
Number Nerd

Gemma Clarke

With Gemma, its all a numbers game! Gemma spends her day greasing the wheels of the company finances, with a great head for numbers and puzzles, a well-placed addition to our team. Always seen smiling throughout the office, she is friendly, approachable, and polite...until your invoice is overdue!