Smartphone Repairs

We aim to turn all repairs around as quickly as possible, we keep a consistent stock of phone repair components in order to provide 1-2 hour turnarounds where possible, this isn’t always possible with other devices but we always do our best to accommodate swift repairs times.
All damage to devices is very circumstantial, whilst we have methods of retrieving data from certain types of memory chips using board level repair techniques, the success of the data retrieval will completely depend on the device and extent of the damage.
We always prioritise the use of genuine parts for any repair work we carry out, this isn’t always possible based on part availability. In the event we have to use third-party replacement, we only use Grade A parts that have been well vetted by our suppliers, and all parts we provide come with warranty to cover any unlikely manufacturing defects.

Tablet or iPad Repair

When a device suffers any form of damage, it is best to have the device assessed by a professional, un-checked damage to a device can lead to further internal damage if the device is left unrepaired. If you would like to book the device in with ourselves, we can offer repair no obligation quotations based on a physical assessment of the device.
Without a physical assessment of your tablet, it is impossible to provide an accurate price. Some prices can be provided with a physical assessment at the counter, other devices require a full strip down assessment, either way our prices aim to be competitive and fair.
We aim to provide warranty with all repairs where possible, 99% of repair work is covered with a minimum of 90 days warranty. If we are unable to provide any form of warranty with a repair, we will state this up front at the time of quotation.

PC / Laptop / Mac Repairs

At The Tech Stop we carry out a range of screen replacement for many devices, these include laptop screens, console screens, iPhone screens and more. In order to provide an accurate price, our engineers would need to assess the device for damage and relative part numbers.
Loud fan noise in a PC can be caused by many things, from a build-up of dust to baring issues in fans. We can diagnose and repair issues leading to loud fan noise and overheating issues in most devices, including PC, Laptops, Consoles etc.
The Tech Stop can tailor a unique PC build to whatever spec you need, whether its an entry-level gamer or a top grade mean machine, our knowledgeable staff can advise you on the best build for your budget. All our Custom Build PCs are fully upgradable and carry 12-month warranty.
At The Tech Stop, your data is very important to us. Whilst we will never intentionally dispose of your data, we strongly advise you to take a backup before booking your device in. If you don’t have the means to carry out your back up, our staff can provide a backup service upon request, before starting any work on your device.

Game Consoles Repair

Our technicians are trained in the repair of most consoles on the market, some repairs aren't achievable due to part limitations, but for the most part we can provide repairs for any make and model of console.
This issue is quite common in modern consoles, due to the mechanical nature of the disc drive, components tend to wear over time. Often this fault can be repaired with a replacement component in the drive, sometimes a new drive needs to be fitted, either way, we can offer a repair service for this issue.
This is a common fault we see in both Xbox One and PS4 consoles when they have been moved around a lot, the port often breaks away from the board. Whilst this is a common issue it is not a simple fix, the repair involves specialist micro soldering work, we offer this repair service from our expertly equipped workshop.
We often have a stock of refurbished consoles in store for purchase, all these consoles carry our quality assurance, and are backed with limited warranties for peace of mind.