Professional Data Recovery in Belfast

Data Recovery Services.

Data Recovery is a critical service we offer for a large range of devices. Data recovery is built up of many different elements, from a physically damaged USB memory stick to a corrupted OS causing the data to be inaccessible via normal means. Our workshop is fully equipped to support many of the necessary methods used in the recovery of essential data. It is a common belief that when data is gone it's gone, this is very rarely the case, whether the device needs micro solder work or physical repair in order to carry out the work we should be able to help.

The Tech Stop has invested heavily over the years in both, forensic grade software, as well as physical access and repair equipment in order to carry out the most professional possible service. In order to ensure your data is managed with the highest degree of care during data recovery, we believe in good practice and the right equipment for the job. By only using the right equipment for the job, you can rest assured your device is in the right hands.

Due to their portability and weak construction, we often see damaged USB pens belonging to students and executives alike, these devices often have damaged PCB boards or USB ports ripped of them. In most circumstances this would result in the complete destruction of the data, however, we have developed techniques that allow us to successfully retrieve the data even from the most brutally damaged devices.

If you have any questions or need any advice relating to data on your device, either non-operational or physically damaged, why not pop in and have a chat with one of our experienced in-house technicians.

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